JR Roahrig won his second Glass City 200, oddly the first one went 101 laps of a 200-lap race (and rained out). This year the Glass City 200 is was a 100-laps each for the Outlaw and CRA template cars. "I wasn't too sure when he (son Tyler) passed me on the outside. When I got ahead of him on that restart, I went on cruise because I thought I was hurting the right rear tire. Then all of the sudden my spotter was saying two cars behind, two cars behind … then next thing I know he's saying right rear quarter. I thought 'There's no way he's passing me on the outside' and he did and I was … I don't know. It was great restart, holding off the two best behind me … you know, that's what it's all about. Terry (Senneker) was really fast on the cool tires … that was all I had. This is my favorite track, when you have a got a good car, this is my favorite track!" said the driver of the Mobile Tech, Schneider Auto Sales, First Choice Auto Body #25


Son Tyler won the 2016 Glass City, "My car was really good in the middle stages there. When that last caution came out with, I think, 24 (laps) to go, it just wasn't quite as good after that. All and all a good race tonight. It's awesome to see my dad win his second Glass City, Terry (Senneker) was second … I've learned a lot over the years racing both of them race. And we won the Sweet (Manufacturing Late Model Series) points. Really happy with my night overall. I want to thank all the fans for coming out, it's nice to see this place packed. Dad and I almost went one-two again this year. I just wished that caution with 20 some laps hadn't come out. It took my car my car a little longer to get going than it should've of. Overall, I'm happy, we've had a great year so far and want to keep it going," said the driver of the Mobile Tech, Bran Roofing, Schneider Auto Sales, First Choice Auto Body #24. This championship is Tyler's first career championship in the 17-18 years he's been racing.


And from Tyler's email: Glass City was a good night overall, lead some laps but fell off towards the end and finished third. I wrapped up the Sweet Manufacturing series championship, which was my first championship ever so that’s pretty neat. Although slightly bummed I didn’t win the race after leading in the middle stages, it was great to see my dad win his second Glass City; he, Terry Senneker Jr and myself all had a great race for the top three spots.


Terry Senneker finished second, "As long as the tires cooled off it would give me two, two and a half laps good laps, that's it. If I couldn't get it done, I couldn't get it done. They (the Roahrigs) ran a great race. Hope the fans really enjoyed the race, we really put it out there … on the bottom of the track in the dirt, on the rumble strips in turns one and two. That was a fun race, I'm glad to see those guys do good. A real nice family. We needed some good strong finishes. We don't have to win them all, but we'd like to finish them anyways. We've had our share of mechanical problems. We've been busy in the shop and it's been tougher to get to the tracks. It feels good to have a good run here," the driver of the #37 Zent Motorsports, Oetman Excavating, Senneker Performance. The car was a brand new car for Senneker.


2017 Gold Cup Champion, Frank Jiovani, finished a career high fourth (for the Glass City). "We could see them (the leaders), but it got a little tight there at the end. We kind of nursed it at the end, it had a vibration, after the last caution. Wish we could've mixed it up with them. I’m so proud of this team. We pulled the backup car after we wrecked here a couple weeks ago. VanDoorn Racing Development put it together for us and we came and tested and it's been a rocket ship ever since. Got to thank Moran Chevrolet, VanDoorn Racing Develop., PAC Racing Springs, Painters Supply Gemini Electric, 4th Street Auto, Equip. Distr., Hunter Equip, JV Auto, Santoro Truck Repair #45. Also have to thank Pat, Dick, Jimmy Tucker for being my crew chief this week and all year, he's done a great job, my family supporting me through this, I really appreciate it. We had a tough year, so winning the Gold Cup championship kind of made up for a lot of things. I'm just so proud of this team, we're the only team in the top four that doesn't do this 100 percent of the time as professionals. I'm so proud of those guys (my team) and proud of myself for doing so."


Andy Bozell was in a second Tony LeClair car, a sister car to his son's #8. "This is my best finish in a Glass City race. It was really free early in the race and didn't fire off real quick and we didn't get up to speed. We lost some track position, got back there around fifth, sixth and just hung out there. The car got pretty balanced there, so got in line and clicked off the laps. We ran pretty good. I have to thank Tony LeClair for letting me take Phil's backup car. We really didn't have an engine for my car. He said take the motor out of the backup car, no just take the whole car. We got it going pretty good, so if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be here now," the driver of the Sweet Manufacturing, Bozell Motorsports, Hopkins Creek Whitetails, Hardings Markets, Lane Automotive, AllStar Performance #83 said.


PERFECT ATTENDANCE: Only one driver has made every Glass City feature since it was reinstated in 1999. The 2013 race winner, Dennis Strickland. Harold Fair Jr missed the 1999 race but has been in the next 18 races. Third in the career starts is a tie between Brent Jack (who missed his first Glass City in 15 years in 2017) and Johnny Bellott both with 15 and Ron Allen and Steve Sauve with 14. Other drivers with more than 10 starts: Scott Hantz and Paul Pelletier (13); Joe Hawes and Dave Kuhlman (11); Jack Varney Jr and Jake Francis (10).


Jack Varney Jr returned to racing for the first time since 2013 and his cousin Claude Plante Jr (in Jack's old car) was in a LM for the first time since 2012.


Years ago at the Nashville (Tenn.) Fairgrounds they ran the All American 400. It was a combination of ASA, All Pro and ACT series. Today's Glass City was the Midwest version with cars from the ARCA Gold Cup, Main Event Series and the Sweet Manufacturing Late Model Series. It was also the championship for the Sweet Series with Tyler Roahrig taking the inaugural championship.


BEST FINISH: JR Roahrig tied his career best finish (won a rain shorten race in 2014). For the 2017 Gold Cup Champion, Frank Jiovani, finished fourth … his previous best was 10th in 2014; Andy Bozell finished fifth, his only other appearance was 26th in 1999; Brian Bergakker finished sixth, his previous best were a pair of 14ths; and Scott Pemberton finished ninth surpassing his 11th place finish in 2014.


GC 200 NEWBIES: Justin Claucherty, TK Whitman, Brian Maxim, Brandon Lyons, Albert Francis


Non transfers: Claude Plante Jr, Casey Smith, Rob Randa, Trever McCoy, Kevin Stahl Jr, Chris Benson didn't transfer out of the Last Chance race; Adam Terry, Nick Grodi. A couple things that didn't make it into the last Tidbit article. If you'd like to tell me about your season, get your sponsors mentioned, and thank some people. I will do another article about banquet time. Email me at or send me a message on Facebook Messenger


First new driver for next season announcement (send me announcements like this too). Randy Padgett Jr is moving up from the Factory Stocks after purchasing the car driven by the late Chris Fleck. He's a third generation driver, with Dad Randy Sr and grandfather, Archie (uncle AJ still races buses and boats). His current sponsors are Padgett Motorsports, Sun Forest Building Co., Scott's Commercial Truck Services and Middleton Trucking LLC. "I am very excited about the new experience and being a rookie feels weird after competing in factory stocks for year."


Mike Miller,

I came into this season having a lot of confidence in my car after making some changes after last season. My factory stock season wasn't exactly what I had in mind. It was a pretty rough season as I had outside top 5 finishes the first three races but then I got my biggest break when I got my best finish so far by placing in the top 4 season championship night. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to move me up in points and I finished eighth … two spots behind last year.

As for the enduro series, my season was a reversal of my factory stock season. I started off strong by racing to the checkered flag of the first enduro, but the following four were just hard luck as my equipment just did not hold out to make the distance. In the end I finished 14th in points, 4 spots better than last year. I have a new car that I will be breaking in at Springport Michigan Cup and then I hope to have a much better season next year.

Thanks to everyone that helped me out and my sponsors: Affordable Transmission, Big 4 Auto Parts, Budget Tire, and Tony's Tires.


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