Toledo Speedway 500 Sprint Car Tour Highlights - Fathers Day Special

500 Sprint Car Tour

Kody Swanson simply can’t stop winning at Toledo.

The six-time winner of the USAC Silver Crown Rollie Beale Classic at Toledo came with the fastest time in qualifying, and once racing got going under the sun, he didn’t look back.

Swanson drove from starting seventh and took the lead on lap 5 from Dakoda Armstrong. He would drive away afterwards, winning over Tyler Roahrig, Bobby Santos III, Dakoda Armstrong, and Kaylee Bryson in her 500 Sprint Car Tour debut rounding out the top five.

40 lap feature finish:

1. 77-Kody Swanson; 2. 56-Tyler Roahrig; 3. 22a-Bobby Santos III; 4. 1-Dakoda Armstrong; 5. 26-Kaylee Bryson; 6. 53-Justin Harper; 7. 24-Jackson Macenko; 8. 74-Tony Main; 9. 27-Nick Marcott; 10. 77s-Quintin Saayman; 11. 64-Jake McElfresh; 12. 67-Kyle O’Gara; 13. 55-Taylor Ferns; 14. 11-Tom Paterson; 15. 55n-Tommy Nichols; 16. 28-Jeff Bloom; DNS 4-Cory Butler

Swanson is expected to return to Toledo on Saturday, August 5th as a part of the USAC Silver Crown series 100 lap feature. He’ll be looking to capture his fifth consecutive win in the Rollie Beale Classic, breaking his own record in this historic evening of open-wheel racing action.