Grip Food Chakki Fresh Atta in Chandigarh


Grip Food provide the Best Chakki Fresh Atta in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and its all surrounding areas.Grip food is the Provide Food for healthy Mind and Body. Focused on these values GRIP FOOD was founded by two of the health conscious clans Mr. Rajesh Mittal and Mr. Pardeep Garg in the year 2014.Grip’s Chakki Fresh Atta and wholesale chakki fresh atta in Tricity is an excellent source of nutrients like Iron, Folic Acid, and Vitamin B12, which helps in fulfilling the daily micronutrient.The sooji at Grip promises you luscious dishes are made right in your kitchen. We At Grip Food Sooji maida,Grip Food Wheat Sooji,Grip Food Sooji coarse,Grip Food Sooji atta.At Grip, Grip Food Besan flour,Grip Food Besan powder,Grip Food Besan gram flour,Grip Food besan ka halwa,Grip Food besan,Grip Food besan ladoo, Grip Food besan ki barfi, Grip Food besan in english,Grip Food besan ka halwa,Grip Food besan ke laddu.The Dalia offered at Grip are processed out of the wheat sourced.Dalia is another fibber rich produce of the wheat is one of the most essential parts of everyone’s diet.Grip Food dalia,Namkeen daliya,Wheat dalia.Poha, originally known as “Chiwda” in some parts of India, is the beaten or flattened form of rice that is most popularly consumed in varied form of snacks.Grip Food Vegetable poha,Red rice poha,Organic red poha.At Grip, the Pulses are the very first thing that made us to place ourselves into this business of offering nature fresh edibles. Grip Food Radial pulse and Thready pulse in India.At Grip, like all other products on the safety and quality check, Maida too goes through four different processes.Grip Food Maida flour,Grip Food Refined flour is maida,Grip Food Maida powder,Grip Food Maida atta.At Grip’s tubular Macaroni Mostly the shaped elbow macaroni is dry pasta form, which is also an Italian dish made-up of durum wheat. Grip Food White sauce macroni,Grip Food Veg macroni,Grip Food Suji macroni,Grip Food Wheat macroni.Pasta is one of the most popular of the world amongst all other varieties of pastas.we at Grip, have made the real quality of the Grip Food Italian pasta,Grip Food Feta tomato pasta,Grip Food Creamy chicken pasta available in the air sealed packaging. The whole wheat vermicelli is one to add into your diet if you have healthy weight loss plans.At Grip, we ensure to bring to you the quality with tasty Grip Food Vermicelli noodles,Grip Food Rice vermicelli,Grip Food Vermicelli rice noodles.