How mobile technologies have changed our lives


Speaking of mobile technology, we usually mean all sorts of gadgets, applications, processors, batteries, displays. This is all interesting and fascinating, but let's think about such an important aspect as the type and degree of influence of mobile technologies on our daily life.

A few decades ago, at the beginning of its formation, mobile technologies were not yet very mobile. Proud and very wealthy owners needed a good physical form in order to be comfortable enough to operate with heavy and bulky gadgets. In addition, it was necessary to have access to an electrical outlet in order to use the first mobile devices, since the batteries were not built into them yet.

Since then, technology has progressed incredibly far, with a particularly large qualitative growth in the last ten years. Mobile devices have become smaller, more powerful and much more useful. They have penetrated into all areas of our life, and their role continues to grow. The availability of all kinds of smartphones, tablets, e-readers, now smartwatches and, in the near future, smart glasses, contributes to their rapid spread throughout the world. And, of course, all these billions of mobile devices have a major impact on our quality of life. 

But let's digress from how thinner, lighter and more adaptive the hardware can be. In the end, were more important is not “faster-higher-stronger”, but what do we, as users, gain from using all this diversity?

Communication and society

Yes, all kinds of gadgets can make our life easier and more fun. And the simplification of establishing and maintaining social ties plays a significant role in this. Today, with the right person, you can get in touch equally easily and quickly whether he is in a neighboring house or in nature thousands of kilometers away from you. You can send large amounts of information anywhere in the world within a few seconds, which is especially important for various responsible business tasks. You can work on one project with people on the other side of the planet. You can get confirmation or approval on urgent, vital issues. In other words, mobile technologies have seriously expanded our business opportunities.

Almost instant communication means allows us to feel much closer to family and friends. We can talk to them at any time, exchange news, ask for advice or help. And to communicate visually, using video chat. We can keep in touch with our children, even if we cannot be close to them. It is much more important than it seems at first glance. 

Thanks to the development of mobile technologies, such a rapid growth of social networks that is observed today has become possible. Without mobile charger, smartphones and tablets, we would be completely dependent on stationary computers, as well as on stationary phones. In today's world, it is even difficult to imagine ...

Information and consumer opportunities

With the help of mobile technology, we can now pay for parking directly from the phone. Built-in maps allow you to not get lost in any area of ​​an unfamiliar city. We can access the schedule of transport by pressing only one button. In the end, now we can just find out and explore the interesting places from which we were close. 

Now we have in our pockets and bags more all sorts of information about the world than ever in history. In fact, for hundreds of millions of people it has become completely natural and familiar to immediately search in smartphones and tablets for information about any activity. Our gadgets can already anticipate what information we may be interested in, and give it to us in a convenient form.
The seemingly superficial and frivolous daily use of mobile technology has changed the human community. It made our connections with other people much wider and closer. On the net, we make real friends who we have never met in real life. We can find out and discuss any current issues and events around the world. This stimulates the emergence of communities and the exchange of views that were previously simply impossible.

On the other hand, the opportunity for everyone to express their opinions led to the flourishing of the phenomenon of network trolling. Unfortunately, many are beginning to get too involved in the participation in the Internet squabbles, unconsciously spilling out the accumulated irritation and displeasure. Also, many users practice trolling as a way to enjoy themselves. In addition to the obvious destructive influence on conversations and discussions, trolling leads to the emergence of many useless comments and quarrels provokes interlocutors to “get personal.”

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