Safe driving holiday tips for the UAE


Touch the road on your next trip? Whether you're driving on grandmother's road with the kids or on the banks of Australia or the UAE, do not move away from home without our motivated and tested driving suggestions. Read on to find out more about escaping traffic, valid money and staying safe (and be aware!) On your next weather trip.

  1. Always ensure adequate sleep before driving

Before starting a long drive, always have enough sleep and have such a meal or meal. Caffeine beverages are certainly not the best technique to come under management. Although you will most likely feel aware, effects can be reduced over time, and you may be aware even if you get awake.

  1. Must take some breaks

Drag over and break every duo timer, even if you do not feel tired. Take a bite, get fresh air and break your legs by walking around. If you need it, take a quick sleep like a nap

  1. It is better to share management responsibilities

If you can, divide the rip light with another. It allows you to keep an eye on each other while driving for safe driving and you can also give a nipple without losing time. If you drive alone, turn on the radio or make music sound and keep your window open. You may stop using your boost control if you drive alone at night - to focus on sticking to your speed, stay awake.

  1. Must move the vehicle away from the road

If you have to drive over, drive your car off the road. Never park on your shoulder or in the waiting time, except for a tragedy.

  1. Be sure to use the phone under management

Know the rules for your mobile phone use under management. Although it may be legal in one place, it may be illegal in another, and avoidance is not an acceptable cause of injury.

  1. Do not drink alcohol before driving

If you do not know this, be ashamed of unethical behavior. Never drink alcohol for you picnic. While you can not get a beer you will be sleepy.

  1. Plan a route on rough weather

Keep an eye on the sky and plan a way of weather if possible. A small alternative route can really meander to save you a lot of time.

  1. Use a smartphone application to get out of blocked traffic

Use a smartphone application like Waze or Google Maps to guide you to traffic jams and how to secure you in congested traffic.

  1. Get an atlas card with you

Not even a GPS program is reliable, especially in remote areas, so we recommend giving a comprehensive map or road map as a support, just in case.

  1. In case of a rental car

If you drive or rent a car in Dubai, you live with the car and all its tools (horns, brakes and hazard lights).


BY:- Umair Aslam

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