March 18, 2020:  We hope this finds you, your family and friends healthy and safe during this unprecedented time in the history of not only our country, but the world.

While we are following the guidelines set forth in regard to the virus, we are continuing to prepare for the new racing season at both tracks.

Toledo’s grounds received a spring cleaning and pick-up yesterday, while at Flat Rock the new turn 1-2 catch fence is being finished.  The re-installation of the safety cable, as well as the re-wiring and upgrade to the pit area public address system is still on schedule to be completed by the end of March.

That’s the information we can provide to you as of today.  We will continue with announcements and updates for you in the coming days and weeks.

Kent H.

What about a new public address system? and the possibility to have the track announcer put on a radio channel since its very hard to hear him during the race?


Kent Herbert

fan since '98