CBD Iced Tea - How Good Are These Hemp Drinks?


There is little in the way of natural supplements that have exploded in the way that CBD has done in recent years. You’re hard-pressed to find a brand that doesn’t include the compound in its product line.


It functions very well in many situations. To provide relief from acne, redness, and irritated skin, facial sprays and creams for topical use. Capsules to be taken daily, along with your other supplements. But it’s gone beyond that, and producers are also making CBD fun. There are pillow spritz, gummies, coffees, cakes, topical lotions, creams, capsules and healthy tea too.


Which means that no matter how you might like to try CBD, there is a way to consume it that will suit you.


Cannabidiol, CBD, is one of approximately 120 active compounds found in cannabis. And, unlike THC, you’re not getting high. Alternatively, it helps the mechanism that you already have in your body, the endocannabinoid system.


Evidence has shown that CBD has many positive health benefits. Including, but not limited to, the reduction of inflammation, which in effect relieves some of the discomfort caused by chronic pain conditions. Reducing stress and anxiety, leading to better sleep in the evening. Improving and balancing a person’s mood. And the bigger ones that many people know about is that it has been shown to minimize or prevent seizures in people with epilepsy and to mitigate some of the side effects of cancer treatment.

No Getting High?

No. There are rules and regulations that go with CBD, and it’s production. They are tested (third-party lab tested) and must contain less than 0.3 percent THC (which has no effect whatsoever). Hemp and marijuana are different varieties of the same plant, but only cannabis contains THC. After December 2018, marijuana is no longer under the Controlled Substance Act-for all 50 states. That’s why the usage and production of CBD has exploded.


You’re not getting high, but you’re still getting health benefits.


The quickest way to get your CBD dose is in liquid form. Most people prefer to drink it throughout the day instead of taking a single dose via a capsule. Although you can have CBD milk, juice and coffee, tea is one of the best hemp beverages on the market. The most refreshing option being iced tea.


Iced Tea

Although there are many other ways you could try CBD, including pills, other drinks, coffee, and food-just, to name a few, tea is a great option. A lot of people have a cup of tea to begin their day, and one to finish it, too. And you might think the morning cup is going to have the same effect as the evening cup-but you’d be mistaken. CBD promotes the cycles of your own body. So you’re tired at night, CBD helps you get a good night’s sleep, and you need more energy during the day-but less tension, it works that way too. It’s adapting to your system - and the way your body absorbs CBD and makes use of it. Tea, as you know, it is probably black, green, herbal, cream and sugar, and so on. So if you could double the relaxation with a few drops of CBD, CBD leaves or a pre-made iced tea, why wouldn’t you?


Yes, there will be more tranquillity than your usually cuppa but no high - and it’s refreshing too.


Even if you don’t have chronic pain that stops your life in its tracks, you don’t suffer from regular debilitating migraines, your stress levels aren’t that high (but you know that you have underlying stress), and you just want some additional downtime in your life? Well, CBD is still for you in that case.


It’s been the case for a long time that artists of all kinds are taking substances to make themselves more creative, to do more and, of course, to get high. But you’re not looking for that, while it would, however, be desirable to be more innovative, focused and positive.


When you’re focusing on a project, and it’s not going anywhere, most people are going for coffee, water going out for a walk and often find themselves drifting off task. Instead think about replacing that coffee for an iced tea, with a little extra kick. You should be sure to still head out on a walk in the fresh air because increased blood flow generally helps with productivity. But this will give the CBD a chance to get into your system and quell any lingering thoughts of worry, pressure, or anxiousness. Like anything else, when you step into the realm of CBD, you’ll be surprised by all the exciting stuff there will be to explore.


From sublingual consumption to lotions and CBD iced tea, there’s a world of relaxation for you to indulge in.




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