Is CBD Oil Extract Really Effective?


Over the last few years, there has been a steep increase in the number of people who can access medical marijuana. However, there are still plenty of people who don’t have access and will likely never get it. So they look for alternatives. One of the alternatives is one of 120 cannabinoid extracts in the cannabis plant - cannabidiol.


There has been a lot of time and research put into CBD oil, and the industry is booming. You can find CBD in everything from mascara, lip balm, these pills, wax and oils that you can use for vaping. Combine the popularity with the positive results in research and anecdotal evidence it is safe to say that CBD is really effective.


So what is CBD?

In the most basic of terms, CBD is a potent liquid extract from the cannabis Sativa plant. Like many other herbal extracts, the compounds and chemicals in the oil will vary based on what is already in the plant at the time of extraction, and the extraction process.


When it comes to getting high, you won’t be able to get that simply from taking CBD. CBD is the nonpsychoactive compound in marijuana. The compound that gives you the high effect is THC.


And because CBD has no effects on the taker in terms of getting people high, like THC, it doesn’t fall in the category of a drug, but rather an herbal supplement. Which is one of the reasons that CBD products are gaining in popularity - and become more socially acceptable.

How To Consume

It is important to note that how you take your CBD and why you take CBD will mean there are different ways for you to consume it. The physiological effects of CBD will vary from person to person too. How long it stays in your system and the dosage that will give you the most benefit will vary too. There are hints that vaporizers will have the most uniform effect on the people who use this method, but of course, not everyone likes that idea. In general, here are a few ways that you can consume CBD:


  • In water form - pH balanced water infused with between 1-20mg of CBD

  • Tea - usually combined with things like chamomile and fruit to produce a relaxing brew

  • Topical - in creams, hair products, balms and more. Applied directly to the skin.

  • Capsules - the most common was to ingest CBD

  • Tinctures - typically dropped under the tongue a few times during the day

  • Food - CBD is baked into cakes and biscuits, a popular choice is gummies

  • Vaped - in liquid or solid form, heated and inhaled in a vaporizer


The same reason you would take any supplement really. Millions of people take a range of supplements every morning to help their body out - because we naturally lack many vitamins and minerals. Our bodies are designed to work with CBD. Our system has an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for a wide range of receptors in the body - from pain to sleep. So if you are looking for improvement in any of the following there CBD is something to consider:


  • Pain management - from any chronic pain illness
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Trouble focusing


Trouble focusing is a very interesting one. There is a big trend right now for microdosing, and what that means is taking smaller amount during the day, typically in either gummy or sublingually (under the tongue) an hour before you need some focused time. The CBD works to calm a busy mind, and you will feel the benefits of being able to focus more on the task at hand. It is also ideal for stress periods like exams and presentations.


For sleeplessness, there are a few things that you can do to aid your sleep in the evening. One is head out for a walk during the morning, or as early as you can. The second is to have a bedtime routine that you maintain every day, and the third is an hour before bed have a large dose of CBD in tea or tincture.

What You Should Know

There are no regulating bodies who are taking care of the quality of CBD products. Which means you need to take an extra step before you make a purchase. That extra step is simply checking that is has been tested by a third-party lab and what the results are. You might also like to research which is going to be better for you - whole-plant or isolate.




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