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The game of slots does not allow application of a number of strategies. The performance of a player depends a lot on the luck but even then there are a few important things that can enhance the chances to win in this game. If you are playing video slots online, a cautious bankroll management helps you to play more games. The bankroll technique depends on the nature of the player, whether he is a low or a high roller.

The first technique is for low rollers who are prepared to take risks. In this technique if the player obtains a payment on a wager, he pitches the highest possible number of coins in the next spin. If he loses, he reduces the amount of wager by one coin in the subsequent spin. This way the gamer keeps on earning profit from his consecutive bets. The second technique is for careful, risk avoiding low rollers. In this if the person wins the wager he increases the bet by one coin and if he loses he reduces the amount of next wager by one coin. The 3 star technique i.e. the one for high rollers requires at least one win to initiate a successful streak and one loss to create losing streak. As a result the variation in the number of coins is made only after three consecutive wins or failures. If it doesn’t happen, the gambler continues to bet the same amount over and over.

Video slots use random number generators to decide the symbolic combination appearing on the paylines. These combinations are purely random and you can’t do anything to alter their results. So it is considered best to think twice before finalizing on the bankroll you are going to bet.